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Here you will find information about Emotional Intelligence E-Learning Courses and other Services where you can purchase the products you are interested in.

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Please note that the fee is charged in PLN (Polski Złoty) because ‘selfmakers Daria Lewandowska’ is a company registered in Poland. Exchange rates may vary.

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Let's prepare your FRIS® Individual Report

You will recive description of your Thinking Style, Behavioral Style and tips which will allow you to discover the unlimited resources of your potential.

Take the assessment using the CLIFTONSTRENGTHS™

Understand your strongest CliftonStrengths and work better with others by focusing on what you do best by giving you an action plan for how to aim your strengths to achieve your goals.

Leadership Systemic Coaching with Constellations

 I am useful in leading you from conversation to constellation, from conscious reality to unconscious reality. This natural, profound and very practical work will support you to find your true relative size and place in the systems in which you live and work. Systemic constellations will return your dignity, responsibility and authority as well as the coherence and balance to the systems you belong.

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