Do you want to experience a different kind of executive education?

Do you want to be the most creative, challenging, self-aware person that you can be?

Do you want to grow talents in your organization?




Our mission

Giving in value, touching people’s lives, being real and placing your interest first is at the heart of the selfmakers.

This is why we serve leaders and organizations with our profound and unique learning experiences!

Polish courage, determination, creativity and resourcefulness guarantee  excellent service in executive education.

Our highly participatory executive programs impact the way you learn: visually, auditory and kinetically and align with everything we stand for.

The true peace and power come from our relaxed being.

We want our executive education focus not only on shaping your minds but to honor your bodies.

Let selfmakers target and meet your needs.

Let us design the work with you to learn not only about your business and your people, but your experience with past trainings as well.

You can have us write 100% customized educational program to work the problem related to your company or business field, or have us put together our programs to bring down the house.


These are not traditional educational programs.

We are not going to view plus 1800 Power Point slides.

We will ask you to turn off your devices and work unplugged instead.

Sense of humour is included in the fee:)

Get started designing

a Custom Program for your team!